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Executive Producer: Jose Antonio Oliva

BUY THE CD $9.90

Taming the Dragon
(Domando el Drag├│n)

1) Heart of Passion
8:00 Heart of Passion buy
2) Isolation
1:56 Isolation buy
3) Warrior's Dance
4:56 Warrior's Dance buy
4) Mitra's Song
3:32 Mitra's Song buy
5) Todaiji (Live in Japan)
3:57 Todaiji (Live in Japan) buy
6) Indonesia
5:29 Indonesia buy
7) Sentier Inconnu
3:14 Sentier Inconnu buy
8) Yamatai
4:53 Yamatai buy
9) Dragon Eyes
2:02 Dragon Eyes buy
10) Tokaido (Live in Japan)
3:12 Tokaido buy
11) Shadow Montage
3:47 Shadow Montage buy
12) The Sacred Sword
8:15 The Sacred Sword buy






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